Unsecured Loans

  • Any Purpose Loans
  • Complete Online Application
  • Good Credit & Bad Credit Both Accepted
  • No Hard Obligation to Follow
  • Loan Deals to Match Your Needs

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Financial life covers countless miles but not all at once. The journey moves in small bits with short-term destinations in focus and then reaches to the final goal. In the middle of this journey, many stones and holes of financial problems come making the road bumpy. Insufficient funds, urgent money crisis, sudden needs all come together conspiring for a great downfall in your finances. But don’t worry, the due material to repair the roads is also available.

The unsecured loans are the small but effective tools to revive your finances. They fill the small pits of financial gaps and help you carry on to the decided route without any change in the path. Forever Finances does exactly the same and ensures your financial well-being through unsecured loan deals that are uncompromised and fair on all aspects.

Unsecured Loans

Features that describe the lucrative nature of loans

  • No upfront fee - Ethical lending is our first concern and we work only for fair and good reasons. You borrow funds with no upfront fee.
  • No prepayment charges - It is possible to fully pay off a short-term loan but a prepayment fee can be a big obstacle. We have no such hindrance and you can pay off the complete loan without any fee or prepayment charges.
  • No annoying calls - Hello! Mr. So-and-so, do you need a loan for an urgent need??? We provide unsecured loans with no guarantor from direct lenders on the lowest interest rates.

NO! You never get to listen to such calls from us.

We never drag you to come to us, our concern is to serve you. Your visit to our website and your desire to get loans are the only reasons for us to interact with you. The procedures are so fast and complete on the same day with no disturbing calls.

The Stage of Eligibility

This means the eligibility criteria that you need to fill the application. Don’t worry, nothing is complicated.

  •   Age should be minimum 18 years and maximum age is 74
  •   A bank account
  •   An address proof
  •   A mobile number

That is all and nothing more than this you need to make a loan request.

Unsecured Loans Eligibility

How do they work?

They work through efficient and speedy procedures that completes in a few minutes and clicks. The loan application goes like this -

  • Apply online - Fill the online application form with few financial and personal details and submit.
  • Get the approval decision - Within a few minutes of application submission, you get the approval decision.
  • Receive funds - Once approved, the funds reach to the bank account you register with us.

This precise and fast procedure is same and remains as speedy as it feels while you read it. The actuality is easy to prove when you really apply for the loan.

Online Application Process

Apply Online 5 minutes
Get the approval decision 15 minutes
Receive funds 24 hrs

Funds For All Credit Histories (Bad Credit & No Credit History)

Forever Finances is the new age online lender and follows every ritual needed to bring the new liberal trends in lending. We provide funds beyond credit score status, which means bad credit people without guarantor too can apply and avail funds.

  • Your BAD CREDIT Can Get You Approval With The Following Things -

    Having a poor credit score is not the end of the life. We give your way outs, apply with them and a ‘yes’ is most likely to come on your loan application.
    • A reliable repayment capacity - Absence of an agreeable level of credit score status should be compensated with a good repayment capacity. Income status is the prime tool to prove that.
    • A guarantor - Having a guarantor can be a great thing for you to back your loan application and bag the deal on a lower rate of interest.

    NOTE - One more important thing, if poor credit situation is inconsistent, there are better chances to get lower rates.

  • All credit histories include ‘NO CREDIT PROFILE’ -

    First time borrowers are always under the domination of a continuous fear of rejection. The clear reason is, they have no credit history and the lender has nothing to check in the name of creditworthiness. Are you among the same? Well, we have way outs.

    We not only provide loan despite no credit history but also facilitate no credit check loans to remove your fright of search footprint. Like loans for bad credit , you can also qualify with a good repayment capacity.

Advanced Loan Calculator

You use advanced financial tools that give ‘near to perfect’ quotes and help you take a clear confident decision.

How to use our loan calculator?

Through simple easy clicks, you can use the calculator and can take the idea of the total cost of the loan.

  • Enter the loan amount
  • Mention the loan tenure
  • Click on the ‘calculate’ button to get the quote

New Customers and Existing Ones, All Are Important To Us

All customers are important to us, and their ‘new’ and ‘previous’ existence does not affect our commitment to serving only ‘the best’.

Existing customers get low interest rates

We have met before, right?

If you have taken a loan from us before, you are absolutely eligible to avail funds on low interest rates. From rate quotes to repayment schedules, our focus is to keep you happy and give reasons to rely on us more.

First-time customers to have the perks of seasonal offers

No festival goes silent from our side, as our first-time customers get a queue of seasonal and festive offers. Your reasons to trust us are important, and we try to keep things easy and uncomplicated.

By the way, the no credit history first-time customers too are equally eligible for discounts and offers.

The not discriminatory but democratic approach is in the roots of our lending practices. Any and every borrower is important, and for us, our success reflects in your financial well-being.

‘Nothing complicated’ is our strategy to keep the loans friendly to our borrowers. Every effort is focused on providing ‘not less than perfect’ financial services. Time is precious and financial fronts are many to struggle. With fast funding, it becomes easier to come out victorious from any money mess.

Forever Finances is a dedicated and focused online lender working for rational reasons. From a huge economic turmoil to small bits of financial worries, we can bring you out from any to every complication on money matters.