No Guarantor Loans to Eliminate Worries from Your Life

Not able to bear the financial pressure but are hesitant to borrow? Is it because of a guarantor? Maybe, you are looking around for lenders who don’t specialise in offering loans without guarantor.

But ForeverFinances do! We as direct lender look beyond the limitations of the borrower. We prioritise the problems faced by our borrowers. So, you can reach out to us without any second thought.

Our way of working does not resemble with other lenders. We look forward to provide the best kind of experience to our borrowers. Our motto is to:

  • Make the loan borrowing process seamless
  • Get your loans for bad credit with no guarantor and on instant payout
  • Make repayment least bothersome
  • Ensure 24X7 support to resolve your queries
  • Make pre-payment possible minus any fees
  • Make arrangements for swift approval
bad credit loans eligibility

What are non-guarantor loans?

No guarantor loans are offered like personal loans when you as the borrower are free to apply without a guarantor. It means you become your guarantor. You will not need any other person to support your repayments. It will come through your monthly income.

These loans fall under the short-term loan category. Loan money obtainable without documentation can be applied during a financial emergency. It saves a lot of time when there is an urgent need.

We follow as direct lenders because of the dissimilar lending approach. We make sure to validate the affordability of the borrower rather than paperwork.

So, with us, you can get unsecured loans with no guarantor. In short, you do not need to pledge collateral against the loan amount. Here, we will pay attention to your:

  • Income capacity

  • Ability to repay

  • Current financial performance

We want to keep things transparent between you and us. Thus, we have provided a comparison between guarantor loans and no guarantor loans:

  Guarantor loans No guarantor loans
Guarantor necessity You will need a guarantor You don’t require a guarantor
Interest rates Rates are cheap based on criteria set by lenders Rates are fairly competitive
Repayments Longer duration to repay Flexible repayment plan
Approval It will take longer as the lender will validate the guarantor’s background It takes less time to get processed by the borrower

What are the benefits of loans without guarantor?

Our primary objective to offer you affordable loans is to ensure a complete financial solution for you. Therefore, you will have many benefits of loans with no guarantor if you apply here. These benefits are:-

bad credit loans eligibility
  • Flexible Repayment Plans
    Some people consider loans as another financial burden. We have changed their perceptions by offering bespoke lending deals. As a part of it, we offer flexible repayment plans to give you the freedom to choose your own according to your capacity. Here, we want to suggest you that select a plan that suits your monthly budget. If you think you can repay the loan within 3 years, there is no need to choose a 5-year plan. With flexible repayments, we also want that you pay all monthly instalments on time and subsequently improve your credit score.

  • Funding for Unemployed with Bad Credit
    A continuous loss of full-time employment is also a reason for having a poor credit record. You cannot pay all bills on time because you do not have enough money. The non-repayment of bills add a curse to your credit profile. Therefore, we have taken the responsibility to support you and offer bad credit loans for the unemployed. While providing these funding sources, we do not consider your credit history and full-time income. Instead, we can approve your loan application on your part-time income or unemployment benefits.

Surely, you like to have these loan benefits in your favour. Are you interested in submitting your loan application?

Can I get loans with no credit check and no guarantor?

As a direct lender, we acknowledge how borrowers like you feel embarrassed about being asked about credit history. We understand the biggest reason for this is your underperforming credit scores.

The traditional lending process does not align with ours as we are ready to offer bad credit loans with no guarantor. Your past credit scores are not our major concern. But we emphasise understanding how you responsibly handle your current financial payments.

Instead of focusing on hard checks, we paved the way for soft checks, so you don't have to worry if you:

How to get instant decision on loans for bad credit with no guarantor?

For this, you have to simply follow a short online procedure. ForeverFinances let you apply following a few easy steps:

Fill An Online Form

Once you decide to apply for a loan, come to our website and fill out a single-page online form. Only a few details are needed, and then click on the ‘Apply Now’ button.

A Quick Analysis

We immediately analyse your loan application and each detail mentioned by you. If any confusion, we may contact you to have everything on a positive note.

Instant Loan Approval

Once everything gets cleared to your loan application, we do not delay the loan approval process. We instantly approve your loan application or within 5 minutes.

Quick Fund Transfer

Just after your loan application approved, we release the desired funds to your bank account. We will do this on the same day of application submission.

Before you grab the application, make sure you qualify to apply for no guarantor loans. Eligibility conditions will vary from lender to lender. When it comes to getting loans for bad credit with a guarantor on instant payout, our lending criteria follow the standard format like:

Chances of getting affordable depend on income and here lies the significance of loan eligibility.

Income slots(Monthly income) Loan chances
£ 1000 - £ 2000 Moderate
£ 2001- £ 3000 High
£ 3001- £ 4000 Higher
Above £5000 Highest

Is it Possible for me to get Loans for CCJ with no guarantor?

When you have been issued with CCJ, your chances of finding a guarantor to borrow loans are quite low. For this reason, you might have to face rejection with your loan application. But when you apply for CCJ loans with no guarantor with a direct lender like us, we don’t have to rely on others to become your guarantor.

So, with us, it is easy for you to get loans despite having some limitations. We just need you to apply for an affordable amount you can repay with your monthly income.

What if I default on loans without a guarantor?

We would ask you to opt for an amount that can offer you the flexibility to repay on time. However, if you have to default on no guarantor loans, we will not penalise you heavily. We will cooperate with you in your tough times.

We will instead provide you with a buffer time period of 10 days. You must repay within this duration.

Can ForeverFinances help me get loans for bad credit?

Yes, we maintain a liberal approach here. Thus, we need no guarantor when addressing poor credit borrowers' financial issues. We would love to offer them bad credit loans with no guarantor.

We don't put the burden of a guarantor on our borrowers. Therefore, people with a poor credit track record should not hesitate to apply with us as we are not like other traditional lenders who straightaway reject the application due to bad credit issues.

With us, you can expect to get:

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  • How safe are no guarantor loans with bad credit?

    no guarantor loans with bad credit are safe if you avail them from the responsible lender. You can check the record of ForeverFinances at the UK marketplace. You will find that we do provide loans with full transparency.

  • Loans for bad credit applicants with no guarantor - do they exist?

    Yes, these loans are available but only from the online lenders. They are flexible in dealing with the applicants having poor credit scores. They do so by shifting the criterion for the loan approval from credit history to recent income status.

  • Will I be approved for a loan without a guarantor?

    You can get approval on loan without a guarantor if your current income is satisfactory. You must be able to repay the loan in your own capacity and ensure this to the lender.

  • What's the interest rate of fast loans with no guarantor?

    The absence of the guarantor may bring loans on slightly higher interest rates. We can ensure with competitive rates on these two bases:

    1. You have to pay every bill on time to show improvement in your credit score;
    2. You must be earning a full-time income to ensure timely repayments

  • How much money can you borrow with bad credit and no guarantor?

    At ForeverFinances, we allow you to apply for both small and large amounts. If you show us your repayment capacity, we can lend up to £10000. However, the starting amount will be £1000.

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